Trade Fairs
Linking businesses
For over 20 years, GRAND EVENT has been active in managing leading trade
and consumer exhibitions in the country, stimulating the growth of specific
economic sectors and contributing to the national, social and community
development. As organizers of some of the most successful Trade Fairs in Egypt
not only does GRAND EVENT have the strongest portfolio of events across
industry sectors, but also the expertise to help you get the best returns on your
The GRAND EVENT Trade Fairs provide a special platform that allows producers and consumers to:
• Meet face to face, exchange views and key issues on relevant products
and services
• Promote a wide array of products and services, latest innovations and
solutions to a wider target audience
GRAND EVENT Trade Fairs serve as a springboard for leading industry experts and promising business entrepreneurs to
network, promote brands, innovations, solutions and services to the growing global market.
Packed with a wealth of opportunity, GRAND EVENT Trade Fairs are viewed as invaluable platforms developing mutual
relationships among the B2B and B2C segments; and significantly contributing to the business sector, the local and the
global economy at large.
The GRAND EVENT Trade Fairs are much more than just highly effective sales tools - they are ideal forums to drive
awareness for your brands; to launch new products; to establish and manage customer relationships.
GRAND EVENT invests in each and every one of our Trade Fairs, creating value-added features designed to attract your
target audience and place your product to key buyers. At GRAND EVENT we ensure that we attract the right
audience rather than the masses, quality over quantity.