B2B Marketing & Consultancy.

Our Mission is dedicated to improve, enhance business and extend opening markets
building on the theory of B2B marketing and communication. As we believe that B2B
allow to develop important exchange relationships.
The Work We Do:
Business-to-Business - Whether your company is looking to enter a new market, build its
position in a market, create a new brand, target markets more efficiently or develop a new
product, then GRAND
EVENT can help you.
We provide high quality information obtained direct from the market, as well as sound
advice based on market evidence.
Marketing Consultancy – If you are looking for marketing consultancy to benefit your own
organization or your clients, GRAND EVENT can provide tailored solutions delivered by
expertise consultants.
We simplify time, distances, reduce costs and maximize benefits. As we do have a large
network of information of industry, suppliers and service providers that are consider as
solid expertise. We do have the possibility to help businessmen opening new markets
sharing in different type of business.